Sale on BN/BNSF Rules Binders

My wife is continually hinting that I'd have a lot more room in my sanctum sanctorum (known as "the basement" to the rest of the family) if I'd only get rid of some of my stuff. If you're like me you hate to admit that she's right, but you know, she's right. Here's your chance!

Item M1329: Burlington Northern Operating Rules binder. 9" x 9" x 2.75", padded black vinyl with 7 D-rings inside and velcro fastener. Excellent condition (much better than the photograph indicates). I originally offered this item at $20; now it's half-price; $10.

Item M1331: Burlington Northern Santa Fe binder, 8.75" x 9" x 3", plastic, with flap and sliding fastener. Five D-rings inside. Issued to employees for storage of various rulebooks, division timetables, special instructions, and so forth. Excellent condition. Originally $15, now $10.

Item M1321: Burlington Northern Santa Fe Safety Rules binder, style 1. 7.5" x 9", three rings. Plastic. Dates from about 1997. Was $11, now $7.

Item M1326: Burlington Northern Santa Fe Safety Rules binder, style 2. Also 7.5 x 9, three rings, plastic. Was $11, now $7.

The half-size employee timetables BN / BNSF used to issue fit nicely in all these binders.

If you're interested in these, please send me an e-mail. Sale is while quantities last, or until I get around to taking this page down, whichever comes first. Eventually I may just do what my wife wants and heave these into the trash! I'm willing to trade for items wanted for my personal collection. I'm generally interested in the Pacific Northwest, Northern California, Western Canada and Australia (but that's not everything). One of these years I'll get that want list updated! Use your browser's "go back" button to return to my home page, and while you're there why not have a look at the other railroadiana on offer?

Thanks for looking!

Dean Ogle