Thanks for looking at my lists. Everything was available when they were uploaded, but is of course subject to prior sale. Prices are in United States dollars AND DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING.

I believe that most everything is in good or better condition, age and other factors considered. Exceptions are explained directly underneath or beside each item. I've tried to catch all significant defects, but please be aware that I don't worry much about things like someone's name neatly written on a page, or rubber-stamped in a corner of the cover. If you're not happy with something you've bought, contact me. We'll work it out.

Some items are listed two or more times. Check the notes carefully; for example, I may have the same timetable with and without binder holes down the spine. Also, my inventory-control system sometimes requires that I enter an item more than once. Some items are for trade only, as indicated by "trade" in the price column.

To order or enquire, please send me an e-mail. It would help if you could give me the item number(s) of what you are interested in (E595, P35, M321C, etc). I'll determine how much of your order I can fill and get back to you.

Acceptance Mark
I accept money orders, personal checks (may delay shipping until check clears), and PayPal; click on the graphic for more information. To pay for your order using PayPal, please go to their website at Log in, click on "send money", and send it to "". That's all there is to it! PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM NOT A DEALER, AND I CANNOT SEND YOU A PAYPAL INVOICE.

Shipping: negotiable. Depending on what you order, I may be able to work with you to lower the cost. I usually use the post office; if you want me to ship via some particular carrier or service such as UPS, FedEx, etc, please tell me. I insure most shipments against loss / damage, and the cost of this is included.

I try to get your orders filled and mailed promptly. However, I have to retrieve them from a storage locker. Once that is done and your goodies are wrapped, I get to the post office about every ten days to two weeks. Sorry, but due to circumstances, that's the way it is. I will try to keep you advised when orders are delayed, and let you know when they ship. I appreciate your patience and understanding.

If you have surplus material of your own, I'm always willing to consider trading. I'm interested in employee timetables generally, public timetables from certain areas / companies, and all kinds of material from the US Pacific Northwest, Western Canada, and Australia specifically. There's a partial "want list" on the site.

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Dean Ogle, PO Box 189, Custer, Washington 98240-0189