Bieber, California. Junction point between Great Northern and Western Pacific when the Inside Gateway was opened in 1931.

I have eight hardcover "Record" or "Journal" books that were kept by (I believe) Great Northern / Burlington Northern personnel working at Bieber. All measure approximately 7.5 x 12 inches.

Two of them have "WP CREW BOOK" written on their front covers. The first book has 160 numbered pages. It starts on February 28, 1981 and runs through November 25, 1982. The second book has 150 pages, starts the next day and continues to November 30, 1983 (page 69 - the rest of the book is unused). All Western Pacific crews that arrived are named, the time at which they are rested is noted, and often what train they were called to take back south, and time on duty. Here's a sample page. (Large file, 750kb) The first book is in rough shape. The covers are worn and tattered. Pages 3-158 have come loose from the binding, but are all attached to each other. Twenty-two months of hard, daily use will do that to you! The second book is in very good condition.

The other six books are variously labeled "DELAYS", "TRAIN MOVEMENTS & DELAYS", etc.

The first one is 300 pages of basic information for every train through Bieber from June 29, 1968 through August 17, 1969. That's back in Great Northern days! Here's a typical listing from October 14, 1968: "WGN 12 called in 1230AM Crew 1215AM Arr 1250AM Tk 1AM Dep 355AM No Eng Change. After GN crew called GN Disp busted call - Men Released - Klamath Yard full of cars - Set out 9 mtys at Bieber, spotted one mty mill spur." Book is in good condition.

Books two, three and four contain from Sept 26, 1976 to August 31, 1977 - from Sept 1, 1977 to August 11, 1978 - and from August 12, 1978 to July 2, 1979. Almost three years! Same information as before, PLUS now the power - both in and out of town - is shown, along with loads, empties and tons. And cabeese! Here's a sample entry from November 11, 1978:
"139KM-11 Called in 730PM Crew 830AM Cab 434 Engs in 3535-3508-3012-3004-3059. Arr 950PM TK 10PM Dep 935AM add 3051-3067 Cars in 50-24-5218 out 45-23-4651 BN S/O 1 lbr to mill for unloading. Yarded train for 2 units off 138 acct 3012 & 3059 both B/O. WP Crew originally called for 730PM, but call busted at 915PM and Condr talked chief into showing crew not being called at all as to stay on held away. WP S/O auto rack from 3 deep to Lower #2 acct B/O drawbar. Section crew called at 11PM to repair west team track switch - 139 crew reported it to have no spikes holding it - and moving around."
All three books have 304 pages and show evidence of hard use. A page or two is loose in each of Books two and three.

Books five and six continue from August 3, 1981 to December 31, 1982 and from January 1 to November 29, 1983. Book five has 298 pages, Book six has 312 and is unused past page 187. Book five's back is broken and pages 3-92 are loose. The front flyleaf and pages 1-2 of book six have separated; pages 3 and 4 of book six (January 5-8, 1983) are regretfully missing. Here's a sample from December 19, 1982. (Large file, 450kb) The fuzzy black area down the spine in the picture is because I didn't want to push the spine down onto the scanner glass.

These books contain a wealth of data for the WP-BN railfan and/or modeller. I'm asking $60 plus shipping for the lot; sorry, but I will not break the set up. Use your browser's BACK button to return, or click here.